Welcome to our new website

Electrónica Edimar welcomes you to its new website, where you can discover and access all of the company’s service quickly and easily.

The main aim of this communication channel is to diffuse our company’s identity, informing visitors about who we are and what we do, as well as the values we strive to encourage in our daily work.

In this new stage, not only do we want to provide visitors with relevant information about our company, but we also want to make it easier for our customers to access the different electronic solutions that we distribute. As such, we have activated a simple and user-friendly online sales channel, where you can consult our stock and purchase your electronic components with just a couple of clicks.

We hope that all of our clients will be able to enjoy this new communication channel, which enables us to provide a better service whilst saving you time, giving you faster responses, and resolving any queries more directly. We also hope that it meets your quality and satisfaction expectations, as this is our true working philosophy.


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