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The web or webcam is an input computer peripheral that allows you to capture images in real time, view them on a computer and send them over the network. These are usually small devices, compatible with both desktops and laptops. With the emergence of teleworking, tele-training and the rise of Teams, Zoom or Skype, the webcam has undoubtedly become an essential element of our day-to-day life.

Thanks to web cameras you can stream, video recordings, video calls or webinars comfortably and in high resolution. These devices allow you to store the generated material or send it through the network.

Unlike IP cameras, which are generally connected through WIFI or ETHERNET connections, most webcams usually connect to the computer through a USB port.
The truth is that there are many webcam models on the market, many of them of high quality and compatible with various needs. What is the best webcam? To answer this question, we must be very clear about what you need the device for. There are cameras more suitable for filming, while others are more suitable for video calls or streaming.

Before deciding to buy a device, you should check its features. Compare the image resolution, the compression levels of the generated files, their versatility, compatibility with certain software or operating systems, among other factors.

Some of the most prominent and reputable manufacturers of webcam are: Logitech, Trust, NGC, Avermedia, Conceptronic, Leotec or Iinjoo.

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