Radar Furuno M-1815

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The M-1815 radar from Furuno is the perfect solution for use in pleasure craft and small fishing vessels as it has been specially designed to offer the best functions in a small size, easy to install and intuitive to use.

It has a wide variety of features that meet all the needs that users may have such as the Fast Target Tracking function and different ways of presenting information, which can be adapted to the needs demanded by users.

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Furuno’s M-1815 radar is part of the large family of radars marketed by the brand. This is a device specially designed for use in pleasure craft and small fishing boats whose system is easily manageable through its intuitive use controls.

Its advanced and innovative technology overcomes any adverse weather situation such as fog or storm, making the radar provide users with high-definition coastal images with the plus of signaling targets on short distance scales thanks to the use of narrow pulses and Dual IF bandwidths.

This model is presented with a water resistant structure, which makes it perfect for incorporation in exposed sites such as high bridges. In addition, this radar is designed using Fast Target Tarcking technology and has True Trace mode and True View mode for correct target detection.

As for its most notable features, this model has a 8.4 “high-visibility color LCD screen for easy recognition of information.

As previously mentioned, this model has various features and different modes of operation through which all the necessary information for a correct and safe navigation is provided. These modes are shown below:

This technology can acquire manual or automatic information from a total of 10 targets. To begin with its use, it is only necessary to choose a target and after a short period of time it shows the course and the speed followed by it.

Thanks to the connection of an AIS FURUNO FA-30/50 unit, it is easy to see a total of 100 AIS targets through the monitor. This system improves the security conditions of the ship during its voyage, providing information about it to the rest of the ships in its environment and that are equipped with the same AIS technology.

Thanks to the use of this mode, the objects that are in movement leave a trail in their wake that indicate the position in which they were initially and so it is easy to recognize their path to the naked eye.

Previously, through a correct gain adjustment it was easy to obtain information from the targets. However, in this model it is executed automatically. Thanks to this, visibility is facilitated through the elimination of unnecessary echoes.

This mode provides the same information as any other type of zoom with the result of an improvement in the visibility of selected echoes with a factor of 2.0.

Thanks to this function it is easy to visualize the environment of a boat from a different point than the user. Through this technology, the displacement of the ship’s position on the screen is allowed; thus allowing the user to be able to focus on points that previously would not have been possible without losing the course.

Depending on the conditions of the environment, it is understandable that the viewing conditions of the screen are difficult. As a result, the option to change from day mode to night mode has been added with great ease.



Frequency: 9410 ± 30 MHz (X-band)

Peak power: 4 kW

Precision distance: 1.0% of the scale in use or 0.01 miles

Ambient temperature: -25ºC to + 55ºC for the antenna and -15ºC to + 55ºC for the device with the screen.

Watertightness: Antenna: IPX6 | Presentation unit: IP56






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Weight2200 g
Dimensions270 × 233 × 110 mm


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