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The models FCV-288, FCV-295 and FCV-1150 of Furuno have been specially designed for use in professional fishing and offer the user the best conditions for locating dams with optimum efficiency.

Each model has its own characteristics that differentiate it from the others so that the user chooses the model that best suits their needs.

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    Furuno is one of the best-known brands in relation to instrumentation and naval use, both professional and recreational. That is why, among its broad product portfolio, it offers a wide variety of probes that facilitate the fishing of dams of all kinds by providing users with as much information as possible about them.

    As a result, Furuno has developed advanced probe models for professional use. Among these models are the following: FCV-288, FCV-295 and FCV-1150.

    These models of probes manufactured specifically for use in professional fishing, have common characteristics that facilitate fishing and make it more efficient. Some of them are the following:

    White Edge: Thanks to this function, the seabed is represented in white. As a consequence, the distinction between it and the possible fish that are close to it is facilitated. Unlike the “White Line” function, which only applies to the strongest echoes, the “White Edge” function maximizes the location of the fish that are in the background regardless of the gain or color applied to them. the presentation.

    Furuno Digital Filter technology: this type of technology present in all three models is a great advance for fishermen who are on the job. It allows to optimize the gain to be able to visualize the conditions in which it is in the seabed. In addition, another of its characteristics is that it minimizes the noise in its entirety to obtain a clear and detailed echo presentation and thus make a clear differentiation of the schools of fish and even of individual units.

    Just as the 3 models offered have these common characteristics, they also have notable differences that adapt as best as possible to the needs of each of the fishermen. The characteristics of each one of them can be visualized when selecting the model.



    Power: 12/24 Vcc

    Frequency: Bifrequency, selectable between 28/38/50/68/82/88/107/150 / 200kHz (with the exception of model FCV-288 that has a frequency of 50 / 200kHz)

    Power: 1 to 3 kW

    Maximum scale: 3,000 m






    The final price of the product varies according to the characteristics of each of the offered versions.

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