Furuno FCV sport fishing probes


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Presented through high-resolution LCD screens and elegant design, the FCV-588 and FCV-628 probe models are the perfect options for sport fishing.

These systems incorporate the latest technology developed by Furuno and known as RezBoost. This provides great benefits to all types of vessels, from the application of new methodologies for locating fishing units to improving the mechanisms already incorporated in the vessel.

Thanks to these two contraptions, fishing could not be more efficient and respectful, since it provides information on all aspects relevant to the fisherman.

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    The FCV 588 and FCV 628 fishing probes are the two perfect models for use in sport fishing practices due to their innovative features and elegant designs. These two models have been specifically designed in order to offer the consumer the best qualities to develop their favorite hobby: fishing.

    Both models have a color LCD screen that allows a better visualization of the seabed in order to locate the prey with greater ease and minimum effort. But leaving aside its most visible technical aspects, it is of great importance to point out the RezBoost ™ technology incorporated in both models, which makes this a product that differs with great ease from its competitors.

    RezBoost ™ technology is a modern and innovative signal processing technique created and perfected by Furuno. This increases the clarity of image and the separation of targets through the use of conventional narrow-band transducers, which is a revolution of the methods used so far. In addition, it is also capable of locating the fish by units around the bait fish balls, as well as the fish that are located in the depths, close to the seabed. Finally, this ingenious system not only offers its own characteristics, but also makes improvements to the ACCU-FISH ™ function.


    In addition to the aforementioned, the systems that incorporate the new RezBoost ™ technology obtain wide benefits in all the aspects that surround and compose them. As a consequence of this system, the competition of conventional narrow-band transducers is expanded exponentially.

    Another of the most outstanding benefits that the application of this system provides is the obtaining of up to 8 times sharper images compared to conventional FDF techniques, depending on the result of aspects such as depth, scale and signal frequency used.


    The available variations that can be presented in this product are the following:

    Size of the LCD screen

    Both models have the common feature of the integrated RezBoost ™ system, along with all its benefits:

    Improved clarity and resolution of the image obtained

    Integrated ACCU-FISH ™ function capable of analyzing the size of fish to facilitate decision making and protection of the seabed.

    Background discrimination. It facilitates a complete analysis of the surface of the seabed.

    White line function. It helps to recognize the fish that are found on the seabed in order to differentiate and protect the aquatic vegetation.

    Alarm configurable according to the preferences of each user.

    Ease to share and display information in a plotter.

    Fast transmission speed of 3,000 PRR / minute (on the 5 meter scale)




    Frequency: 50 and 200 kHz

    Output power: 600 W (for FCV 588: increased to 1 kW with optional box MB-1100)

    Number of Points: 480 x 640 (VGA)

    Basic scales: 2 – 1,200 m

    Alarms: Background, Fish (Normal), ACCU-FISH ™, Fish (B / L), Background Discrimination, Fish Level, Temperature, Speed, Arrival and Battery

    Scale Offset: Up to 1,200 m

    Scale of Expansion: Bottom Hitch: 2 – 10 m Sectional: 2 – 1,200 m

    Ambient temperature: -15 ° C to + 55 ° C

    Sealing: IP56

    Power supply: 12 / 24Vdc

    360º rotating support

    Easy installation by separation of back cover

    Rotary adjustment buttons

    100% automatic mode





    The final price of the product varies according to the characteristics of each of the offered versions.

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