Furuno BBDS1 probe

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The Furuno BBDS1 probe falls within the category of the Furuno sport fishing probes and is equipped with the best features in order to determine the best fishing conditions, both for the quantity and the size of the prey.

Some of its most notable features are its integrated functions of Background Discrimination, ACCU-FISH measurement technology and the results provided by FURUNO digital filter.

In addition, its compact size makes it an excellent choice for incorporation in small size ships.

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    This black box type sports probe has characteristics very similar to those of Furuno’s DFF series. This model is designed from the latest detection technology and with the ability to reliably and accurately discriminate the seafloor.

    The BBDS1 probe model is equipped with the Digital Filter function, which, together with a classic probe model, is capable of analyzing the seabed and displaying a report where all the relevant data can be seen over a distance. between 5 and 100 meters deep. As a result, the ship’s operators can obtain information on the composition of the seabed and know if they are located on mud, sand, gravel or rock.

    It has the possibility of being connected in a network to different models of NavNet to offer the user greater productivity, typical of a professional probe, and with an easy and quick visualization of the data through a high definition screen. As a consequence, users are able to adjust the information to the different modes of representation offered for discrimination, and that can be through the graphic mode in four colors, in icons or in static mode.

    In addition, the BBDS1 probe facilitates the positioning of networks on the seabed thanks to the selection of the depths; This functionality is useful for both purse seines and trawls.

    This product has characteristics specially designed to improve the fishing conditions of people. As a result of all the information obtained, the fishing days are much more efficient. Some of the most important characteristics are the following:

    Thanks to the characteristics of the BBDS1 probe, the NavNet with 3D function are able to show users a detailed information formed from the images collected by the echogram of the probe. The different materials from which the ocean floor can be made can be differentiated on the screen through different colors so that they are easily recognizable. As a consequence of this, it is much easier to locate the dams and conduct an efficient fishing day.

    This innovative technology is responsible for measuring the size of dams individually to make it easier to discriminate against dams that do not meet minimum standards.

    This state-of-the-art technology means that any NavNet screen quickly becomes a dual-frequency probe. This differs from conventional probes in the filtering capacity and automatic adjustments it allows. As a consequence, the BBDS1 model is able to optimize the adjustment of gain, STC and its output power, as well as eliminating possible turbulences originating in the surface in order to obtain a clearer and sharper image.


    Frequency: 50 and 200 kHz

    Power: 600 W (optionally 1000 W with MB-1100)

    Scale: 2 – 1,200 m

    Power: 12 – 24V DC, 1.1 to 0.4 A

    Transducers: To determine the nature of the background use one of the following transducers: 520-5PSD; 520-5MSD; 525-5PWD; 50 / 200-1T







    The final price of the product varies according to the characteristics of each of the offered versions.

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