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The GP-33 model is one of the most resistant Furuno products with greater capacity thanks to an advanced technology incorporated into a compact structure, easy to install and with a water resistant screen and the most adverse conditions that may occur during a maritime crossing.

It has a 12-channel GPS receiver and high sensitivity in addition to the CAN bus interface developed by Furuno. In addition, this offers different ways of presenting the data, so the user can choose the most relevant information for it.

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    The Furuno GP-33 GPS model is a piece of reduced size but of enormous capacity. This system is the perfect model for a wide variety of ships. It has an innovative integrated technology and is able to determine the position of the ship with great accuracy and safety. This is due to its highly sensitive 12-channel GPS receiver coupled with the WAAS technology it integrates.

    This navigation unit has a water resistant screen and has been manufactured to ensure its resistance to the adverse situations that may occur in a sea voyage. Its structure has been manufactured to integrate a memory capable of storing a total of up to 3,000 points of defeat of the ship, 10,000 points for marks and waypoints and up to 100 routes with 30 waypoints each.

    In addition, the GP-33 operates through the “CAN bus” interface system developed by Furuno, and thanks to which a large amount of navigation information data is available. These data can be sent to NavNet 3D systems, radars, chart plotters, autopilots, fishing probes and other systems that facilitate the navigators’ journeys.

    This system is very simple to install through “plug-and-play” of the CAN bus network. In addition, it also supports the versions used by the NMEA0183 protocol.


    This model has characteristics with great relevance in terms of its operation. As a consequence, some of them are explained below:


    CAN BUS:
    Its communication protocol has the purpose of sharing data and signals through a single main cable. Its use is very simple and is based on the only connection of this cable with any CAN bus device to be able to extend the on-board network.

    This model offers accessibility to functions and information that is easy to use and intuitive operation through graphic and digital representations.

    The GPS GP-33 from Furuno offers highly relevant navigation data and shows them through an extensive diversity of numerical and graphic formats. The information displayed can be chosen freely by the navigators so that only the relevant data are displayed. In addition, the union between the high screen resolution and large data fields facilitates a comfortable and easy reading of the information practically in any situation or moment.

    NAV data: As a consequence of this data presentation the status of the receiver, the position in latitude and longitude (or TD lines), course on the bottom, speed on the bottom, date and time are shown.

    Motorway: Thanks to this mode, it is easy to visualize the ship’s path to its destination through a 3D view. It is recommended to use this mode for trajectories that run in a straight line.

    Plotter: Using the plotter view, you can visualize the data of the ship’s track loss along with its position in a 2-dimensional card. You can also view various data and graphic information (symbols and icons), as well as text. Through this mode you can select the “automatic waypoint entry” function that records the ship’s defeat.

    COG: This model can show a simple reading digital compass that helps in the maintenance of the desired course.

    User: this mode is completely customizable by the user.


    Screen size: 4.3 “color LCD and high resolution / brightness

    Receiver Type: GPS: 12 discrete channels, C / A code Receiver, WAAS: Standard in presentation unit

    Power: 12/24 Vcc

    Ports: CANBUS (NMEA2000) and NMEA 0183

    Antenna: GPA017 with 10 meters of cable

    Sealing: IP56 (Presentation Unit)







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