Energy & Power Analyzer Fluke 435 Series II

The Fluke 435 Series II Energy and Power Analyzer is a product specifically designed to offer the user optimum reliability. More info in the description.

It offers a real monetization function with which it calculates the economic losses that the low electrical quality may be assuming an organization.

More information in the description box.

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Faced with quality problems that can lead to a failure in the electrical quality of an installation, the Fluke Series II Power and Power Quality Analyzer 435 is the perfect solution.

This system created by Fluke, is the only model in the world capable of realizing a monetization of the real cost produced by the energy expenditure resulting from a low electrical quality. This exclusive function of this product greatly facilitates the analysis and management of the resources used in any type of assembly.

In addition, through the use of its applications, the user will be able to perform a complete control of the performance of motors and generators, speeding up the location of the source of the problem.



Ability to diagnose and solve problems in situ

Analysis and location of difficult to locate or intermittent problems

Studies of the available load capacity

PowerWave data capture

Measuring the efficiency of power inverters

Calculation of the fiscal cost produced by poor electrical quality

Energy assessments before and after

Periodic predictive maintenance.

Includes shockproof carrying case


Display: Resolution LCD 320 x 240 pixels. Brightness: 200 cd / m2 typical with electric adapter, 90 cd / m2 usual with battery power Size: 127 x 88 mm (153 mm / 6.0 “diagonal) Contrast and brightness: adjustable by the user, temperature compensated

Memory: Standard 8 GB SD card (compatible with SDHC and FAT32 format), up to 32 GB optional. Save screens and several data memories to store information and records (according to memory size).

Working temperature: 0 掳 C ~ +40 掳 C; +40 掳 C ~ +50 掳 C without battery

Storage temperature: -20 掳 C ~ +60 掳 C

Protection: IP51

Warranty: 3 years (parts and labor) for the main instrument, 1 year for the accessories






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