Fluke 9062 rotation and phase rotation indicator

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The Fluke 9062 rotation indicator is a highly trained device that facilitates the detection of phase rotation and motor rotation in a completely contact-free manner.

Thanks to this, it is able to perform checks on axes that are not visible or accessible to people and therefore facilitates the application of it in a way that until now was impossible.

Thanks to its wide variety of features, this model stands out for its easy application in both industrial environments and domestic environments.

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    The peculiar Fluke 9062 device is an indicator of phase rotation and motor rotation whose main activity is to provide information on these checks. That is why, this task can be performed from a type of contact-free detection, which facilitates its use ensuring the safety of any person who manipulates it.

    This type of non-contact detection is also an excellent function for carrying out checks and measurements on motors whose axis is not visible or accessible. However, it also has a pair of probes that have an adjustable setting. As a result, it is capable of making reliable links even when they are made in high-performance industrial systems.

    This model has been proposed both for use in commercial environments and industrial environments. This is because it offers a wide range of advantages that make it a highly flexible product to solve any need in which it can take part.

    One of its main functions is the signaling of rotation in three-phase systems in a fast way through the test leads that facilitates the device. But in addition, it is also capable of defining the rotation made by an engine that can be both three-phase synchronous and asynchronous.



    Indicating functionality in three-phase systems

    Indication of phase rotation

    Motor rotation direction indication

    Non-contact determination of the direction of rotation of motors in operation


    Voltage range: Up to 400 V

    Phase display: 120-400 V AC

    Frequency range: 2-400 Hz

    Working temperature: From 0 ° C to 40 ° C

    Altitude of service: Up to 2,000 m

    Percentage of humidity supported without condensation: From 15% to 80%

    Dust / water resistance: IP 40

    Electrical safety: EN 61010, EN 61557-7

    Overvoltage category: CAT III, 300 V

    Dimensions: 124 long x 61 wide x 27 high mm

    Weight: 150 g






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