Electrical testers T110

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The electrical testers T110, T130 and T150 of Fluke are a series of devices that offer a great service at a very low price.

These have a large series of features such as large screen and both sound and visual indicators, which inform the user at the time of recognition of a voltage source. In addition, this has a built-in flashlight that facilitates the vision when it is necessary to introduce it in small spaces of difficult accessibility.

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    In this line of products of Fluke are the testers of tension and continuity T110, T130 and T150. These are characterized mainly by their excellent quality and their speed in providing performance adapted to the demands of users.

    This range of voltage testers has an integrated technology of two poles born from the search for excellence in measurement and protection for all those professionals who place their trust in products designed by Fluke.

    These electrical test systems have all the necessary options to facilitate the work of operators thanks to their peculiarities. In its physical aspect, this series is formed by a compact design of great strength and quality that guarantees the durability of the product; Some of its features are its thicker cable with wear indicator, a probe protector or a rugged battery holder.

    However, it is also important to note the great service it offers in relation to its reduced price, since it quickly shows the results obtained after checking through its screen with better visibility and sound indicators.


    Available in different versions depending on the needs required for its use.

    The available variations that can be presented in this product are the following:

    AC / DC voltage

    Resistance measurement

    All models have common characteristics such as:

    Ability to perform a low voltage detection even if the batteries are discharged.

    They have a built-in electric torch

    It has protectors for probes and storage accessories

    Rapid recognition of active drivers thanks to single-phase voltage.

    It incorporates vibration with response to tactile stimuli.

    Sound effects included with the option to be deactivated

    Different methods of recognition of the AC / DC voltage: LED light, digital representation of the average value, audible continuity test and through its vibration system.

    Indication at the time when the battery is low

    Includes indicators with backlighting.


    Continuity: 0 – 400 kΩ

    Frequency: 0/40 – 400 Hz

    Phase rotation: 100 V – 690 V

    Response time (LED indicator): <0.5 s

    Input impedance of 200 kΩ:

    Current consumption 3.5 mA @ 690 V

    Current consumption of 1.15 mA @ 230 V

    Input impedance of 7 kΩ (with the load buttons pressed): Current consumption of 30 mA @ 230 V

    Security category:

    CAT III 690 V

    CAT IV 600 V

    IP Classification: IP64

    Dimensions: 260 long x 70 wide x 38 high mm

    Weight: 280 g









    The final price of the product varies according to the characteristics of each of the offered versions.

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