Digital multimeters Fluke 80 series V


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The multimeters of the series Fluke 80V supposed a revolution in the moment of its launching thanks to the extensive amount of characteristics that include and that differentiated to him from the rest of products that were available.

Thanks to this and still today is one of the products with better ratings, even including it among the most chosen options by more and more users.

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    The popular multimeter models of the 80 V series have revolutionized the manufacturing sector of this type of product thanks to the great functionalities that they incorporated at the time and that were not yet accessible. These, notably improved the conditions of measurement of the available models including new aspects such as screen resolution, accuracy and new features that did not incorporate the models of its predecessor line: the Series 80 III.

    These models, used as a reference for the development of new technologies that can be used in the near future, turn out to be, today, extraordinary instruments that also provide the necessary facilities to successfully solve the most common setbacks in engines, systems of electrical distribution and automated systems.

    This new series is composed of two models with similar characteristics but which differ in the functionalities offered by each of them. The two models available are those shown below:

    Fluke 83-V Industrial Digital Multimeter for Fluke

    Digital multimeter for industrial use Fluke 87- V of true effective value used to take measures in variable speed drives

    In addition, in their common applications for both models, it can be said that Fluke 80 V series multimeters have an application that closely resembles the old system of the 80 series. However, these have as main difference the greater possession electrical safety, comfort of use and protection against impacts.



    Available in different versions depending on the needs required for its use.

    In addition, the available variations that can be presented in this product are the following:

    DC precision

    Presence of integrated thermometer


    All models have common characteristics such as:


    Up to 6,000 3 or 4 digit accounts

    Measuring up to 1,000 VAC and DC

    Measure up to 10 A in normal situations and up to 20 A for maximum 30 seconds

    Frequency of 200 kHz and duty cycle measured in%

    It has proof of resistance, continuity and diodes

    Capacity range for 10,000 μF motors and components

    Possibility of taking record of max / min values. with alarm for automatic capture of variations

    Peak capture of up to 250 μs

    Possibility of using relative mode to compensate errors due to probes

    Selectable ranges manually or automatically

    Touch Hold option to freeze the measurements displayed on the device’s screen

    Large screen with backlighting in two levels of white light

    Analog graphic bar for visualization of rapid changes in measurement or unstable measurements

    Incorrect input audible alarm with warning of incorrect connection of the input pins

    Battery saving thanks to the “standby” option

    Access to batteries through security cover



    Maximum AC / DC voltage: 1,000 V

    Maximum AC / DC current: 10 A (20 A, maximum 30 seconds)

    Maximum resistance: 50 MΩ

    Maximum capacity: 9,999 μF

    Maximum frequency: 200 kHz

    Maximum duty cycle: 99.90%

    Temperature probe: -40 ° C – 260 ° C

    Maximum Conductance: 60.00 nS

    Working temperature: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C

    Storage temperature: -40 ° C to + 60 ° C

    Working altitude: 2000 m

    Dimensions: 201 x 98 x 52 mm (with cover)

    Weight: 355 g






    The final price of the product varies according to the characteristics of each of the offered versions.

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