Fluke 373 Clamp Meter

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The Fluke 373 model of clamp meters has the basic characteristics necessary to perform the measurements required in the day to day of the users without having to complicate its operation with an excess of functionalities.

In addition, it has a wide measurement capable of making readings of up to 600 A and 600V.

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    With the ability to perform true AC voltage and current measurements, the Model 373 clamp meter is capable of reading up to 600 A AC and 600 V AC and DC current ( AC DC)

    This model offers the user the possibility of being prepared in the face of any circumstance that stumbles in his way, since with this model of clamp he will be able to solve all those problems of quick solution for current and voltage of Alternating Current thanks to the characteristics of this type clamp meter with true effective value and resistance of up to 6,000 Ω with continuity detection.

    As a result of all this, this model offers the most basic features expected by a clamp meter model and that is also capable of solving a wide variety of problems without having to complicate the task with a wide range of functions and modes.

    In addition, this has a fixed clamp that facilitates its application when making measurements.



    Current measurement of 600 A

    600 V AC / DC voltage measurement

    Possibility of being used in electrical environments with noise and providing stable readings at the same time.

    CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V

    Current and AC voltage of true effective value for accurate measurements in non-linear signals

    Large screen with integrated backlight and simple reading that facilitates checks to users.

    It is not necessary to change the position of the selector while the measurement is being made.





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