Omron D4MC Switches


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Omron’s D4MC line switches are the ideal ally for any type of installation that requires resistance and efficiency.

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    Omron D4MC Switches
    Omron D4MC series switches are uniquely suited for high repeatability and durability of more than 10 million operations.

    All the switch models of the Omron D4MC line have the appropriate technology so that they offer the maximum of their capacity at all times. Each of these switches is rated to withstand applications that demand higher mechanical strength, equipped with dust and drip proof properties that basic switches could not withstand.

    Each model has an exclusive design that makes it unique and makes it easier to adapt to each type of application.


    Technical specifications:
    Operating force: 5.88 N

    Release force: 0.98 N

    Pretravel: 1.6mm

    Overvoltage: 5mm

    Differential of movement: 0.2 mm





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