Electromechanical relay Omron G2RS


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Omron’s G2RS electromechanical relay is one of the most adaptable models in its product portfolio due to its high quality and compact format.

It has the most innovative signaling mechanisms such as a led light, test button and identification tag.

In addition, it complies with all the environmental quality and conservation standards imposed by Omron, making it posses some of the most important quality seals at an international level: UL, CSA, VDE, LR and CE.

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    Omron’s G2R-S relay series is among the most popular of the brand due to its innovative properties and its simple and elegant design.

    The internal structure of these models has been specially designed with characteristics that provide them with great flexibility and therefore make them adaptable to a wide variety of needs.

    It must be said that in addition to having a compact size, its appearance is pleasant and striking thanks to its transparent design that allows the observation of the inside of it, thus facilitating the verification of its status. It is also important to note that these have several characteristics that provide added value and among which the following stand out:

    Led indicator light

    Test button

    Label where you can write down all the necessary information to identify the product.

    Finally, it is remarkable to know that this product has been created by the Omron brand, which is currently the market leader in the manufacture of relays for industrial use, and following its quality and integrity standards both in terms of excellence in production as in aspects related to the environment. As a consequence, this small mechanism complies with all the most important quality standards worldwide, being some of them: UL, CSA, VDE, LR and CE.


    Available in different versions depending on the needs required for its use.

    The available variations that can be presented in this product are the following:

    Contact form: SPDT (1 pole) or DPDT (2 pole)

    Coil voltage: AC or DC

    Number of volts required: 24V or 230V


    Contact material: AgSnIn

    Nominal contact current:

    One pole: 10 A

    Two poles: 5 A

    Dielectric strength: 5,000 VAC (coil contact)

    Operating ambient temperature: -40 to 70 ° C (without icing or condensation)

    Useful life:

    Mechanics: c.a coil: minimum 10,000,000 operations; co.c .: 20,000,000 operations min. (to 18,000 operations / hr)

    Electric: 100,000 operations min. (at 1,800 operations / hr at nominal load) (type of coil c.c.)

    Dimensions (height x width x depth): 35.5 × 13 × 29







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