Photocell Omron E3Z Laser


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The E3Z Laser photocell has the same characteristics of quality and innovation as its predecessor the E3Z photocell.

Its main feature is the detection light used, since unlike the original model, it has a high precision laser light and a minimum error angle, which facilitates this mechanism is able to detect objects of very small size at a wide distance guaranteeing an optimal result thanks to its technology of suppression of funds and the reduced error of black / white, which ensure an error-free detection.

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    The E3Z laser photoelectric sensor is a model very similar to its original: the E3Z photocell.

    The main difference of this model with respect to its predecessor is the detection light used by each one of them. While the original E3Z photocell bases its control system on the use of an LED light, the E3Z laser model bases its operation on the use of a laser light, making the detection light of this one more visible at the same time is able to recognize small objects with excellent precision. With the use of this type of laser light, the photoelectric sensor is much more sensitive in terms of accuracy, since its error percentage decreases significantly compared to the original model, in addition to its detection capacity has a better performance to the time to use it over long distances.

    With greater emphasis on the characteristics of this system, it is important to note that its Class 1 laser light is a reference in terms of detection, which, consequently, confirms once again its quality and precision when it comes to detecting certain materials with the greatest decrease in errors thanks to the suppression of funds and the minimization of the black / white failure. In addition, thanks to the important development of the technology used by Omron, the deflection angle of the beam axis has been reduced, making it virtually non-existent.



    Available in different versions depending on the needs required for its use.

    The available variations that can be presented in this product are the following:

    Type of sensor: Low beam, Retro-reflective with M.S.R or Remote adjustable (background suppression).

    Detection distance: 20 to 300 mm, 0.3 to 15 m and 60 m

    All models have common characteristics such as:

    High power and precision laser light with minimum deviation angle (LD red (655 nm), JIS class 1, IEC class 1, FDA class II)


    Voltage of the power supply: 12 to 24 VDC ± 10%, ripple (p-p): 10% max.

    Protection circuits: This feature varies depending on the model chosen (see specific characteristics of each model in the drop-down menu)

    Response time: 1 ms max.

    Room temperature:

    Operating: -10 to 55 ° C

    Storage: -25 to 70 ° C (without frost or condensation).

    Degree of protection: IEC 60529 IP67, IP69K after DIN 40050 part 9


    Shell: PBT (polybutylene terephthalate).

    Lens: Modified polyacrylate resin, methacrylate or modified polyacrylate resin.





    The final price of the product varies according to the characteristics of each of the offered versions.

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