Omron Q2V-AB004-AAA variable frequency drive

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Omron Q2V frequency inverter. Model Q2V-AB004-AAA
200V – Q2V Inverter, ND: 4.1 A / 1.5 kW, HD: 3.4 A / 1.1 kW, IP20

Omron presents its new range of Q2V drives. The new devices include efficient control technology compatible with almost all engines. The result is a robust product designed to simplify facility maintenance and save energy. It is characterized by its easy installation and configuration. Omron Q2V drives also have a mobile application to configure and monitor drive activity.

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    A variable frequency drive controls the frequency of power supplied to an AC motor to regulate rotational speed and acceleration in pumps, fans, and other industrial machinery. Omron’s Q2V range of variable frequency drives offers flexible and energy-efficient motor control compatible with induction motors (IM), permanent magnet motors (PM) and synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM).
    OMRON Q2V: Simple Installation and Configuration
    The Omron Q2V drive is designed to facilitate and simplify the commissioning of the device: it has a compact design and all inputs and outputs have screwless terminals and the hardware is much simpler thanks to the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) filter that it carries already incorporated the STO (Safe Torque Off) function, as well as its braking transistor. The main advantage is its cost effectiveness, since it reduces the wiring effort. A smart application configuration guides users through the settings of the different parameters.
    In addition to being powered by various types of AC motors, the Omron Q2V drive is dual rated, including heavy duty and normal duty options. This translates into increased application flexibility allowing the same drive model to start motors of different ratings based on load characteristics. Users can also customize the VFD according to their specific needs using application wizards, adding dedicated menus, Wizards and parameters. Development tools additionally allow users to develop their personal programs and maintain internal knowledge.
    Omron Q2V drives are resistant to factors such as dust and moisture, and are designed to guarantee proper operation for 10 years at temperatures up to 50 ° C without the need for maintenance. By acquiring data at the device level, users can avoid potential problems and unforeseen downtime. The Q2V can track the data and record it on a local SD card or send the collected data to IT systems via Omron’s NX / NJ controllers.
    The Q2V range increases the energy efficiency of all the components of the installation. Thanks to special motor control methods, such as EZ Vector for pumps and fans, it has the ability to drive motors in the most efficient way. Its innovative motor control algorithms manage to increase efficiency by up to 6% in asynchronous motors and up to 2% in permanent magnet motors, compared to conventional drives. The Q2V also includes additional energy saving functions for applications where loads have variable or reduced torque characteristics. This aspect manages to automatically optimize energy savings by up to 50 %.



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