E3X-HD Omron Fiber Amplifier

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Equipped with the latest technology and the “teaching” mode allows intelligent adjustment in just one click. In its compact size it includes a digital display and a wide variety of functions that will satisfy any need.

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    Omron’s E3X-HD fiber optic digital amplifier includes the latest technology to perform its functions in the most efficient and safe way.

    This product is specially equipped to be set up in the fastest and easiest way and has a learning or “teaching” mode that allows an intelligent adjustment of the same using only 1 button.

    The E3X-HD is equipped with a large digital display, perfectly adapted to the small size of this mechanism. This feature, along with the rest of the included functions, make this product capable of going through the most demanding situations with ease.

    Among the wide variety of features available to this product, these are some of the most distinctive:

    • Ease and speed of use thanks to its learning mode
    • It incorporates dynamic power control (DPC) in order to ensure its correct operation even in changing environmental situations.
    • A high resolution signal 2.5 times higher compared to conventional models.
    • EtherCAT and CompoNET connection and communication units to ensure high working speed.


    Transistor output model. PNP output

    M8 connector (4 pins)

    Light source (wavelength): 4-element red LED (625nm)

    Supply voltage: 12 to 24 VDC ± 10%, ripple (pp) 10% max.

    Power consumption: Normal mode: 720 mW max. (Current consumption: 30 mA max. At 24 V DC, 60 mA max. At 12 V DC).

    Energy Saving Eco Mode: 530mW max. (Current consumption: 22 mA max at 24 V DC, 44 mA max at 12 V DC).

    Control output: Load power supply voltage: 26.4 VDC max., Open collector output (varies by model depending on PNP or NPN output). Charging current: 50 mA max. (residual voltage: 2 V max.), OFF current: 0.5 mA max.

    Response time:

    – Super High Speed (SHS) mode: operate or reset: 50 μs (NPN models) or 55 μs (PNP models)

    – High speed mode (HS): Operate or reset: 250 µs

    – Standard mode (STND): operate or reset: 1 ms

    – Giga-power (GIGA) mode: operate or reset: 1 ms

    Mutual interference prevention: possible for up to 10 units

    Maximum connectable units: 16 units





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