Incremental Encoder Hohner PR90


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Hohner programmable incremental encoders of the PR90 series have been specially designed with an outgoing shaft whose dimensions vary according to the model and which facilitate its incorporation in different mechanisms and production chains.

These have a great capacity, since they are prepared to produce between 1 and 65,536 pulses per rotation and offer an optimum quality throughout its useful life.

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    The programmable encoders of the PR90 series of Hohner stand out mainly for their condition as outgoing shaft mechanisms and whose purpose is the industrial application. Both this line and the line of enconders PR90H have very similar characteristics, both in appearance and functionality.

    Among the peculiarities that distinguish this product are the numerous benefits resulting from the programming of graphic interface and USB for the optical encoder with the possibility of producing between 1 and 65,536 pulses per rotation. In addition, these have the option of carrying out the maintenance completely remotely and different programming options that are best suited to the needs of users.

    Another type of remarkable features of this line are, for example, the variety of different auto detection functions that it has. Some of them stand out due to the excellent service they offer, such as automatic voltage detection or automatic overload detection in the encoder controller, which is very useful when taking preventive measures in overload situations.

    In addition, this product has been designed including several measures of protection against possible setbacks that may occur in the general system. Thanks to this, the encoder is prevented from suffering irreparable damage.

    For all these characteristics that define this small but functional product, this has made a niche in the market and obtained a position of great relevance among its closest competitors.


    Available in different versions depending on the needs required for its use.

    The available variation that can be presented in this product is the following:

    Outgoing shaft size

    Connection type

    All models have common characteristics such as:

    Programming via USB and without the need to feed the encoder

    Position of the reference signal from 0º to 360º

    Outer diameter of 58 mm

    IP65 protection according to DIN EN 60529


    Shaft type: Outgoing shaft

    Type of lid material: Aluminum

    Body material: Aluminum

    Shaft material: Stainless steel

    Ball bearings

    Life of the bearings: 1×10 ^ 10 rev.

    Body fixation: Flexible anti-rotation system

    Permissible misalignment with flexible flange: ± 0.05 mm radial, ± 0.1 mm axial

    Shaft fixing: Front clamp

    Protection: IP65

    Weight approx .: 0,5 Kg

    Operating temperature range: -20 ° C to + 80 ° C






    The final price of the product varies according to the characteristics of each of the offered versions.

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