Programmable controller / PLC Omron CP1E


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Programmable controller or PLC of the CP1E-N series of Omron. These models present great improvements over the classic CP1E models, maintaining a highly competitive price.

Like all items in the Omron product portfolio, this system meets high quality standards that together with its adaptability and easy installation make it one of the most chosen for use in the automation of industrial processes.

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    Omron’s programmable automation systems are among the most valued in the market, being the CP1E family some of the most prestigious models due to its ease of installation accompanied by its great versatility and quality.

    Specifically, of all the variables of the CP1E PLC family, we have the CP1E-N models, which have a greater number of functionalities, such as a real-time clock, motion control capabilities and connection port. for HMI mechanisms, barcode reader or series. In addition to all these advantages offered by the N models of this family, depending on the model these can be expanded by applying expansion cards that mold the final mechanism so that it adapts as accurately as possible to the needs demanded by the company. a competitive economic cost.

    Thanks to these mechanisms, Omron guarantees the best result, providing solutions to the automation needs of companies in an agile and decisive way. The great ease of installation of this type of system is guaranteed not only by the internal quality standards that all Omron products meet, but also because the programming and commissioning of this type of system is similar to that of the rest of PLCs of the brand

    It is for all this, that this model stands out among its peers and competitors, allowing it to differentiate itself with great ease.



    Available in different versions depending on the needs required for its use.

    The main available variation that can be presented in this product is the following:

    Expansion capacity

    All models have common characteristics such as:

    Capacity of the 8K program steps

    Data memory capacity of 8K words


    Communication ports: RS-232C port

    Input / output functions (input / output): 6 Encoder inputs (2 × 100 kHz, 4 × 10 kHz)

    Output type: Relay

    Power supply: 84 to 264 VAC

    Logical execution speed: 1.19 μs





    The final price of the product varies according to the characteristics of each of the offered versions.

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