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Omron’s CJ2M PLC is one of the most innovative systems produced by the company.

This includes the best features of its previous model, the CJ1 but including improvements that facilitate the use and management of it. As a consequence, an updated device is obtained, but compatible with the expansion systems of its predecessor model.

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The programmable automaton CJ2M is one of the most complete models within the family of Omron PLCs. This has arisen as a consequence of the entire trajectory that the brand has followed in the development and manufacture of control systems, together with its great appetite for innovating more and more.

Produced as an evolution of the CJ1 controller, it has very similar characteristics but with the necessary improvements to stay in the top positions in the market against its closest competitors. As a result, the device has the most innovative technology but with the ability to be expanded by the expansion systems compatible with its predecessor, the CJ1 system. Thanks to this, anyone who seeks to update their equipment, will only need to change the main system, thus being able to maintain the expansions that are available, assuming that they will work correctly.

In addition, among its best features can be noted the rapid start-up of the device thanks to the use of standard USB or Ethernet ports. As a consequence, they make the access to programming instantaneous. Along with this, it should be noted that all the improvements incorporated to this device have been added in order to increase the speed of production and improve the programming conditions so that the operator in charge of handling it does not find any type of obstacle.


Available in different versions depending on the needs required for its use.

The available variations that can be presented in this product are the following:

Incorporation of Ethernet connection

Incorporation of RS-232 port

Slot for optional communications card



On the other hand, all models have common characteristics such as:


I / O capacity of installable units: 2,560 points / 40 units (max 3 expander frames)

Program capacity: 5 Kpasos

Data memory capacity:

DM: 32 Kcanales

EM: 32 Kcanals / bank x 1 bank

Data tracking memory: 8 Kcanales

Comment source / memory: 1 MB

Definitions of function blocks: 256

Instances of function blocks: 256

Program area of ​​function blocks: 20 Kpasos

Built-in USB: Yes

LD instruction execution time: 40 ns

Supplementary pulse I / O modules: Supported (Available with Q3 2010)

Synchronous operation of the unit: No

Data structures defined by the user: Yes (CX-ONE V4 required)






The final price of the product varies according to the characteristics of each of the offered versions.

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