CJ1W-ID211 Omron expansion module for PLCs


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The CJ1W-ID211 and CJ1W-ID211 (SL) expansion modules have been specifically created to be used with Omron’s CJ line programmable controllers, meeting your needs.

Know all the details of these two models in the description box.

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    Omron expansion module for PLCs.
    This expansion module has been specially created to be incorporated into Omron’s CJ series programmable controllers, expanding its capacity and allowing a notable improvement in its operation.

    All modules are designed in order to be able to be coupled quickly and easily to the PLC, so that the complete system is ready to be used again at any time.

    The CJ1W-ID211 and CJ1W-ID211 (SL) models are designed in a very similar way, so that both models perfectly meet the needs of users, being able to choose between one model or another depending on the preferences of each one.


    Two models available depending on the needs required for its use.

    The available variation that can be presented in this product is:

    • Existence of screws in the connection area


    Points: 16

    Type: DC input

    Nominal voltage: 24 VDC

    Nominal current: 7 mA

    Width: 31mm

    Connection type:

    • Model CJ1W-ID211: M3
    • Model CJ1W-ID211 (SL): Screwless





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