Expanding PLC Omron CJ1W-CRM21

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This model of large information capacity and control over the slave units is the perfect piece to combine with an Omron PLC.

This has a wide variety of indicators that facilitate the recognition of the status of the same and thus improve its efficiency. Among these indicators it is worth mentioning the integration of a 7-segment screen that also facilitates its implementation.

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    This PLC expansion has been specifically manufactured to improve the operation of the programmable PLCs of the NJ series. This arises, in part, as a consequence of its ease when making a quick and easy installation.

    Among its most recognized features, it is worth noting the information capacity it has with the slave units, which facilitates the establishment of parameters. In addition, this particular model is able to control up to a total of 2,560 points and up to 384 nodes with a single master unit.

    Thanks to the information provided by this system, it is easy to know the state in which it is located, since it has different indicators of visualization through which the necessary data are provided to be able to take a safe and reliable control of the unit. The recognition of the state of the system is based mainly on the use of four LED indicators of different colors MS (green / red), NS (green / red), SD (yellow) and RD (yellow) as well as a 7-segment display where You can display highly relevant reviews, such as the status of communications or the error code. In addition, this screen helps the user with the installation and commissioning of the same and facilitates the detection of problem in its operation.

    Likewise, like a wide variety of programmable PLC expansions, this component is flexible when adding input and output (I / O) expansions thanks to the integrated software configuration.

    Therefore, the union between its characteristics and its excellent relationship between quality and price make it the perfect component to be applied to a PLC without changing it, thus reducing the final cost of acquisition and making the investment much more efficient.



    Simple configuration and easy use

    Control of up to 2,560 points and 384 nodes with a master unit

    Memory allocation intuitively with separate areas

    It has a 7-segment screen that facilitates the start-up of the product and the detection of possible problems

    Flexible I / O assignations with the software configuration function.


    Type: CompoNet

    Ports: 4 cables, data + power for slaves (Master)

    Protocols: CompoNet (based on CIP)

    Width: 31 mm

    Current consumption 5 V (A): 0.4 A

    Type of connection: 4-p detachable, IDC or screw






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    Weight130 g
    Dimensions90 × 31 × 807 mm


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