Base for electromechanical relay Omron G2R-2-S

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Base manufactured specifically for Omron G2R2 electromechanical relays.

Designed from the best materials to guarantee its durability even at maximum performance of the relay and without losing any capacity.

It guarantees the optimum quality of handling and installation on any surface suitable for it.

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    The base P2RF-08-E of Omron is specially designed to maintain a perfect compatibility with all those relays that belong to the G2R-2-S series of the same company. This is very similar to those used for the G2R1 model because, like it, it is made from the best materials and it is important to point out that it presents an unparalleled quality that makes it worthy of being among the rest of the products. Omron. It offers an optimal connection and connection to the relay and facilitates handling and restraint without damaging its qualities.

    Among its most relevant features is its ability to withstand the high temperatures that the relay can reach during its use, as well as offering adequate protection for the operator who handles its handling.

    That is why this base is the best option to use when installing a G2R2 relay on any type of surface, since the fastening will be unbeatable and the capacity of the relay will not be modified because this base has the best qualities and offers the best service so that the operation of it without losing a bit of capacity.







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