Electronic Engineering Solutions

Engineering and industrial development services

Marine Electronics

Electrónica Edimar takes care of the sale, repair and maintenance of all kinds of communication and navigation systems, as well as electronic control systems and marine and industrial automatisms. The company has a wide range of navigation equipment, integrated bridges, radars, ECDIS, positioning systems, gyros, autopilots, electronic mapping, echo-sounders, sonars and radio and satellite communications.

Industrial Electronics

Edimar offers integral industrial electronic solutions. Electronic card repair, frequency inverters, power sources, CNC machinery, PLCs, configuration and repair of Drives, sale of power modules… Some of its particularly outstanding services include the sale of electronic equipment, repairs, preventive maintenance, cleaning, testing, etc.

IT Solutions

Experts in industrial IT and control systems, Edimar offers its clients innovative, flexible and customised solutions. Integral operations that range from engineering to product supply. IT system management and IT maintenance plans for companies. High-performance working stations (hardware and software), wireless networks, data security, firewall, anti-virus, IP traffic and content managers, cloud solutions, system virtualisation, printing supplies, etc.

Automation and Control

Automation engineering and process control. Edimar offers electronic solutions to improve its clients’ efficiency, productivity, quality and competitiveness by applying advanced technologies to resolve the daily requirements of companies. Developing MES/MOM systems, products and process traceability applications, CMMS applications, communication management with corporative systems, management and configuration of communication networks, etc.


The field of robotics is gaining major ground in the sphere of production centres. Precision, constant quality, rapid processing times and cost reduction, are just some of the benefits. Edimar offers an integral robotic engineering, consultancy and project implementation service.


Development, integration and design of radio communication systems. A wide range of solutions and services for the sale of systems, equipment, accessories and renovations

of radio communications. Radio communications, wireless links, Ethernet networks, satellite links, SHD fibre optic networks and telemetry.